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We’ve created a website that would support a lottery of codes from Tiffany Break candy bar packaging in Arab markets.

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Esumo - Tiffany Break
  • We were responsible for
  • Frontend Development
  • Laravel Development

About Tiffany Break

Tiffany Break is a global candy brand that is described as number one in the United Arab Emirates and has gained the most popularity there.

The sweets are chocolate-based and include treats such as cream-filled bars, mini-batons, crunchy wafers and chocolate cookies. Crunchy sweets have become very popular among customers. The brand strongly emphasizes the pleasure of eating crunchy filled chocolate candies and presents itself as a brand with a sense of humor. The loose and playful communication style makes Tiffany Break associated with the looseness and joy of eating chocolate.


The most important thing for the whole project was to create a mechanism for validating the correctness of codes from the bars purchased. Getting consumer involvement in the form of collecting codes and registering them on the site is a great idea. However, in order to realize it, a technically impeccable site is needed, and there must be no errors. The client provided a graphic design that remains in line with the brand’s style, i.e. cheerful and casual.

Our task was to create a platform based on this design. The target website was created in English and Arabic. Of course, throughout the duration of the sweepstakes, the contractor provides support for the platform, so that it works without the slightest glitch. Any errors on the site could significantly discourage those taking part in the lottery, hence technical details were crucial here.

The foreign client, as a leader in its industry, required really high quality and a solution to engage participants and introduce an element of fun.


  • The client received a platform erected completely from scratch, based on Laravel framework and PHP language.
  • In addition, a special analytical panel was created, giving the possibility to observe the involvement of lottery participants, which gave the Client even more control and awareness of the organized promotional actions
  • The organized contest was very successful for three months and the Client was very satisfied with the results, receiving a ready-made marketing tool
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