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Implementation of a WordPress-based website for one of the most popular beer brands in Poland.

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Esumo - Okocim
  • We were responsible for
  • WordPress Development
  • SEO Optimisation

About Okocim

Okocim is a Polish beer brand owned by the Danish beer corporation Carlsberg A/S. Most of the brand’s products are made in Poland.

We had the pleasure and opportunity to work with them on their rebranding. We were responsible for implementing the prepared graphic design into WordPress and initial optimization of the site.


  • Implementation of client-supplied graphic designs into the existing WordPress instance.
  • Dynamic presentation of current products from the brewery’s offerings.
  • Presentation of the history of the brand in an interesting way.
  • Showing the modern side of the brand and getting new people interested in the idea of brewing beer.


  • Implementing the designs received by the client within two weeks into WordPress.
  • Running basic tests and optimizing the speed of the site.
  • Deploying the finished theme files on the client’s server.
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