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We’ve created a membership-type platform with video meditations for people in relationship breakdown crisis.

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Esumo - Lekcje Miłości
  • We were responsible for
  • UI Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Email Marketing

About Lekcje Miłości

Lekcje Miłości (Love lessons) is a platform created by youtuber Joanna Lelejko (SoSpecial). It features meditations and affirmations for people in relationship breakdown crisis. Topics covered there include self-confidence, toxic relationships, recovering from the end of a relationship with another person, and learning to enjoy life.

This type of platform is based on a subscription so that you can listen to meditations at any time. The very idea for the platform required a suitable graphic design, as well as smoothly functioning functionalities. The theme of the portal refers to the sphere of emotions, so the graphic design had to harmonize with it in an obvious way.


The client had not had a positive experience working with agencies up to that point and was looking for someone to help her create an efficient and intuitive platform. In addition, a graphic design done by another company was used, but it was important to make adjustments. A mobile version also had to be designed.

The client asked for the creation of an international platform in Polish and English, which would allow people to sign up in the form of monthly subscriptions that automatically renew. As you can see, the technical details were very important here, as they directly affected the platform’s operation and, consequently, its profitability. We also undertook to design all of the platform’s email communications.


  • Our role was to indicate the direction of the project and skillfully guide the Client through the whole thing
  • Contact with the Client was based on video calls every two weeks, where both parties had the opportunity to discuss what had been done
  • The videos were successfully uploaded to Vimeo and dedicated programs were arranged from them
  • We conducted thorough functional tests of the platform, i.e. checking the payment system, the correctness of emails and the possibility to cancel subscriptions; this ensured the highest quality of the whole thing
  • The whole project is supported on an ongoing basis and new functionalities are implemented
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