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We have created a new graphic design for the site intended to increase conversions on the site and attract more visitors.

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Esumo - Hack Your Brain
  • We were responsible for
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

About Hack Your Brain

Hack Your Brain is the personal brand of Kamil Lelonek. Kamil has been working with entrepreneurs, managers and IT professionals since 2015. His goal is to improve the efficiency of the aforementioned groups and increase their energy. Kamil teaches how to get the most out of your professional potential and not to waste time but to optimize it. The body’s natural energy is perfectly usable, you just need to know how to find it. This is exactly what Kamil Lelonko helps with.

So-called biohacking is the concept on which Hack Your Brain is based. It is full awareness of the activities being performed. Lelonko has successfully worked with various entrepreneurs, as you can read about in the testimonials on his website. The topic of personal development is quite a competitive industry, so the client wanted to stand out with something and create a site with very good graphics that would stay in the visitors’ minds and make them learn more about the company’s offerings.


  • The client was not satisfied with the current website, it did not bring the expected business results, the graphics did not fully convey the message of the business, so the decision was made to change it
  • The existing website did not convert as expected by the business owner
  • The client created a new version of the sales communication together with the help of copywriters, and it was on the basis of this that the key sub-pages of the platform were to be created
  • The current style had to be retained, but adjustments had to be made to the overall design


  • We prepared UX mockups and based on the created information structure, a proposal for a new graphic design of the portal was created
  • The client was entitled to three versions with corrections and used them, resulting in a refined and thoughtful website based on mutual communication
  • The created design was handed over as a project in Figma software, and later implemented by the development company
  • We continue to work together so that the site is improved as needed
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