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We were responsible for the design and implementation of a new version of the Eyeshield store based on Woocommerce.

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Esumo - Eyeshield
  • We were responsible for
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Support & Maintenance

About Eyeshield

Everyone knows that junk food harms us. But not everyone understands that junk light also affects us!

Every day, the lights of LEDs, screens and smartphones bombard our eyes and upset our internal biological clock.

This in turn makes us tired, sluggish and stressed all the time. The solution to the problem is to use Eye Shield brand glasses – the first Polish product on the market in the premium segment.


Our task was to create a new version of the Eyeshield store based on the Woocommerce engine known to the client. The previous version of the store was also based on Woocommerce – however, it was a store based on page builder and a very large number of plugins that significantly affected the optimization of the store.

The goal of creating the new version was to optimize the speed of operation and base the graphic design on the new brand branding.

  • Create a store in Polish and English, with the ability to handle three currencies – the zloty, the dollar and the euro.
  • Integration with the Mailerlite system
  • Integration with the Baselinker system
  • Adding the functionality of a virtual fitting room that allows you to try on frames using AR technology


  • We prepared UX mockups and the graphic design of the entire store
  • We based the functionality of several languages and currencies on WPML plugin
  • We prepared functionality allowing to upload a prescription to each ordered glasses frame
  • Virtual fitting room functionality was implemented outside of WordPress itself – however, each product has the ability to try on with the help of AR technology
  • We have prepared dedicated landing pagy templates for webinars and ebooks integrated with mailerlite
  • We continue to work together on this project developing it with new functionalities
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