Selected Case Studies

Digital Portfolio

For nearly 8 years we have been creating and developing projects - we pride ourselves when our clients are satisfied with our work.

Esumo - Heyedu


We were responsible for the UX, UI design and implementation of the Personal Learning Assistant website.

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Esumo - Andros Juice

Andros Juice

We’ve created and support the website of one of the most popular juice brands in Poland.

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Esumo - Eyeshield


We were responsible for the design and implementation of a new version of the Eyeshield store based on Woocommerce.

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Esumo - Mucosolvan Arabia

Mucosolvan Arabia

We were responsible for implementing and optimizing the Mucosolvan brand website into the Sitecore CMS.

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Esumo - Szkoła Chmury

Szkoła Chmury

We’ve created a platform with courses on cloud technologies based on WordPress and WP Idea.

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Esumo - Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf

We have implemented a landing page promoting the new Pureleaf tea brand for one of the Polish distributors of Unilever products.

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Esumo - Hack Your Brain

Hack Your Brain

We have created a new graphic design for the site intended to increase conversions on the site and attract more visitors.

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Esumo - Okocim


Implementation of a WordPress-based website for one of the most popular beer brands in Poland.

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Esumo - Tiffany Break

Tiffany Break

We’ve created a website that would support a lottery of codes from Tiffany Break candy bar packaging in Arab markets.

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Esumo - Transparent World

Transparent World

We were responsible for the UX, UI design and implementation of the NFT projects website.

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Esumo - Lekcje Miłości

Lekcje Miłości

We’ve created a membership-type platform with video meditations for people in relationship breakdown crisis.

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Esumo - Statgroup


We’ve created a modern UI design and implement it into the WordPress CMS.

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