Flexible communication with your WordPress developers

Esumo - Flexible communication with your WordPress developers

Companies now face a challenge, but also an opportunity, to find the optimal model for operating in a world of hybrid work. At the end of the day, from a business perspective, what matters are the results achieved and the goals set, not from which location and on which devices employees perform their tasks, or how many messages they send.

At Esumo, from the very beginning, from the founding of the company, i.e. for almost 8 years now, the entire team and all colleagues have been working remotely – basing daily work on tools that help in asynchronous work.

Esumo - Flexible communication with your WordPress developers

For customers, we are available as standard from morning to afternoon hours – internally, however, we do not have clearly defined working hours. We work from different locations, everyone has different preferences when they like to work.

We have always evaluated the effectiveness of our work based on proven results and customer satisfaction – not on the number of hours worked. In our daily work, we actually use two tools: Slack and ClickUp.

What are the advantages of Slack and ClickUp?

  • increased productivity by working through shared channels and projects
  • fewer meetings to exchange information
  • reduction in the number of emails, and thus the information we absorb that is unnecessary
  • intuitive creation of channels to collaborate with clients and external companies using Slack Connect, a modern tool that enables communication with people outside the organization.

Effective organization of cooperation

On Slack, collaborative communication is organized in the form of internal and external channels, involving people interested in a particular area or project. As a result, we don’t need emails or meetings to effectively complete tasks on an ongoing basis. Channels also promote transparency and access to up-to-date information, so that those joining a topic can quickly implement and take appropriate action.

Efficient communication

The solution provides the ability to contact not only through online messages and meetings, as with other collaboration tools, but also the ability to record short video clips that make it easy to ask questions and get relevant information, making communication natural. Instead of describing the problem in an email and attaching screenshots, we record a short video with a description of the situation and talk about it in our own words, which greatly improves the efficiency of information exchange.

Quick fixes in the team

With Slack, we can also communicate on an ad hoc basis using so-called huddles, which are the equivalent of an informal conversation – the kind that takes place in the office when we need to discuss something on an ad hoc basis. During such a conversation, we can share screens and interactively draw on them with the cursor. Thanks to huddles, we don’t have to call an official online meeting, which would take a lot of time to organize, but instead efficiently discuss and resolve the current topic.

Esumo client communication

Email communication with the customer only takes place in our case during the sales process and establishment of cooperation. Once the contract is signed, we already create a dedicated channel on Slack and a project in ClickUp during onboarding.

Transparency is at the forefront for us – from the first day of cooperation, the client knows who is working on his project on the side of our team and has the opportunity to communicate with each member of the team.

An addition to the daily asynchronous communication is often a regular, e.g. weekly, meeting to summarize the progress of work and jointly discuss tasks that remain in the backlog.

If you have any questions, problems regarding your site or effective project communiaction – we are at your service – write a comment or get back to us directly on email!

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